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 Obedience classes run one night per week for eight weeks at a cost of $192.10.
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Please submit completed obedience class registration forms and payments to the S.D.K.C. Registrar.  Upon receipt, the registrar will confirm your registration. 

Payment may be made by cheque or e-mail money transfer (EMT). 
Please be sure that the name on your form matches the name from which your EMT will be sent.
For obedience and agility classes, EMT payments to:
During obedience and agility classes, at the discretion of the instructor, reactive dogs may be asked to wear a muzzle or be dismissed.  Females in season will not be allowed in class for the duration of their heat.  Classes that do not draw the minimum registration may be cancelled and an alternative class offered from the waiting list

During spaniel, retriever and hunting events, safety is of primary importance, and we are ever vigilant of proper gun safety.  Only safe shots are made, ensuring the well-being of spectators and dogs. Any person who is on the training or event field while a training session or event is in process must wear hunter orange. 

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