Obedience Section

Please review all class and registration form information thoroughly prior to contacting the Registrar with any questions.
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The Obedience Section of the Sudbury & District Kennel Club is extremely active.

Every year, we host Canadian Kennel Club licensed events as follows:
- Obedience trials  
- Rally obedience trials  
- Agility trials  
- Tracking trials

These trials regularly draw competitors from Ontario, Quebec and the Northern United States.

Our teaching members, who are highly qualified instructors, teach classes at all levels in each of the above disciplines. Occasionally, we offer special weekend seminars on topics such as dealing with the aggressive dog, canine first id, and clicker training.

Workshops on specific disciplines like herding, tracking and agility are also hosted from time to time. Regularly scheduled meetings are held to deal with club business and to socialize with our dog-loving colleagues.
All classes, except puppy and level 1 obedience will require your dog to have basic obedience skills such as sit, down, stay and recall.

Our agility programs require that you begin at level 1 agility and follow the class progression unless you can demonstrate the necessary skills to enter at a higher level.

Agility Classes
Agility Level 1 - Foundation skills
This class will teach the basic concepts of dog agility. Exercises are simple and fun. The class focuses on creating a bond and teamwork between the dog and handler. Dogs will be introduced to some of the basic agility equipment pieces to help the dog build confidence. Dogs will work on leash at all times. Obedience Level 2 is a prerequisite for Agility Level 1.

Agility Level 2 - Introduction to equipment
This novice level class will begin to introduce the dog and handler to the agility equipment. Your dog will begin working on all the equipment, dog walk, A frame, teeter, tunnel, chute, pause table and weaves. You will start some basic jumping techniques and learn basic handling skills to begin working as an efficient dog/handler team.

Agility Level 3 - Equipment and sequencing
This class continues to build on equipment skills. Emphasis is put on the teeter and weaves. You will continue to improve basic handling skills and contact end behavior while also building on the working team relationship between dog and handler.

Agility Level 4 - Advanced equipment
This class will continue to work on improving equipment performance with emphasis on the teeter and weaves. Improving basic jumping skills and further developing handling skills will prepare students for agility level 5.

Agility Level 5 - Introduction to handling
This class will introduce the student to warm-up drills, serpentines and threadles and how to do and use front, rear and blind crosses. At the same time, the student will be further introduced to a handling system which will provide the dog with a clear and consistent message, leaving no chance for a misunderstanding.

Competitive Agility
This class is designed to introduce the dog and handler team to competitive agility where you will learn the rules of competitive agility so you can begin trialing. You will start to develop the skills of advanced dog and handler teams through novice, intermediate and excellent level course simulations. Advanced handling skills and working with distractions will be added as you and your dog's skills improve.
Agility Skills Class
This class is designed to fine tune the dog and handler for success in the advanced levels of agility training.  Completion of Level 3 Agility is a prerequisite.  The class will include trick training to build teamwork, foundation skills and conditioning exercises.  These skills will then be applied while navigating courses.
Obedience Classes
Puppy Obedience (for puppies up to 6 months)
Puppies will be introduced to many socialization experiences with people and other puppies. Puppies will work to develop good leash respect while out walking. Puppies and handlers will also learn the basic obedience commands.  Upon completion of this program, students wishing to extend their learning with their dogs in obedience would progress to the level 2 obedience class.
Puppy Obedience (for dogs up to 1 year) 
Puppy and handler team will build a trusting working relationship through play.  Teams will learn and practice basic obedience skills in a games environment.  This class provides an opportunity to develop puppy socialization skills with both dogs and people.  Suitable for puppies that have already attended a puppy class or have been home schooled.  Upon completion of this program, students wishing to extend their learning with their dogs in obedience would progress to the level 2 obedience class. 
Level 1 Obedience
For dogs older than 6 months. Handlers will learn the basic techniques to train the basic obedience commands. Dogs will learn to walk politely on lead, to sit, down and stand on command, to stay in position for a minimum of 30 seconds and to come when called. Training activities are fun for both dog and handler. 
Level 2 Obedience
Following successful completion of introductory level obedience, dogs will refine core foundations including targeting, movement, balancing and self-control skills to build and increase precision and reliability necessary for more advanced dog training levels.  This class provides the foundation skills necessary to advance in any dog sport and is a prerequisite for Level 1 agility.
Level 3 Obedience
Following successful completion of level 2 obedience, dogs will learn to focus in distracting situations. Dogs will become more reliable and accept increased time and distance from the handler in all basic obedience skills. The skills leading to the Canadian Kennel Club Canine Good Neighbour Program will be at the core of this level. Two tests will be provided each year for anyone who would like to have their dog hold a Canine Good Neighbour Certificate.
Level 4 Obedience
Following successful completion of level 3 obedience, dogs and handlers will build precision obedience skills required to compete in Canadian Kennel Club Obedience trials at the Pre-novice level. NB: Canadian Kennel Club now permits mixed breed dogs to compete in performance events once they secure a Performance Event Number from the Canadian Kennel Club.
Extended Learning Workshops
The following list may be offered at various times during the year.
Rally Obedience
Rally is a timed competitive sport that consists of  16 or more stations  and is based on variations  of the  basic  obedience skills of sit, down, stand, stay, heel, come front, pivoting, jumping, walking through distractions and distance work.  The levels of difficulty are Novice, Advanced, Excellent and Master, with each level requiring greater precision and skill.
Advanced/Excellent Rally
This class is designed for people who can successfully navigate a Novice Rally course.  The Advanced and Excellent rally signs will be learned and the skills practiced in a course setting.  All dogs will be working on leash in a group setting and off leash only when individual courses are being run.  Crates are required.
Competitive Obedience for  Canadian Kennel Club Trials
Novice, Open, Utility Levels
Scent Detection
Introduction to Nosework
This class will introduce the dog and handler to the sport of scent detection. Learn the canine version of “Hide and Seek” where the dog locates hidden scent and indicates the location to the handler.  Teams will learn basic concepts such as how to prepare and handle odor, how to motivate your dog to build drive and confidence, and where to place the hidden scent while training.  This class will require all participants to bring crates for their dogs and will be taught in 4 sessions of 2 hours each.
At the discretion of the instructor, classes with four or less students may be shortened.
Please review all class and registration form information thoroughly prior to contacting the Registrar with any questions.
Obedience classes run one night per week for eight weeks at a cost of $192.10. 
Please submit completed obedience class registration forms and payments to the S.D.K.C. Registrar.  Upon receipt, the registrar will confirm your registration. 

Payment may be made by cheque or e-mail money transfer (EMT). 
Please be sure that the name on your form matches the name from which your EMT will be sent.
For obedience and agility classes, EMT payments to: