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A message from our President Ron Larwood

Updated 09-May-2020

Dear SDKC members,

I hope all of our members, their relatives and friends are keeping well and safe during this difficult time.

Although the Club's functions and activities are suspended during the pandemic, I would like to share with you a number of undertakings that have been happening behind the scenes.

As you know we rent the space at the Red Carpet for conducting the Obedience Section classes and activities. The lease is coming due June 30, 2020. With operations shut down, the Club would was faced with signing the 5 year lease at the full monthly rental rate and no revenue. Fortunately, we did sign the lease with an alternative monthly rate of $700.00 plus HST until such time the Club is able to resume classes. This allows the Club to retain the space, store the equipment and resume activities when legally and safely possible.

The Show Section is without a chair to represent it at the Board level. Members are encouraged to consider taking on this role to lead the members of this section in its finances, activities and functions. Since our September show is cancelled this year, a new chair would have ample time to become familiar with the role and future planning.

Another significant achievement, the Club has contracted Doteasy to redesign our website. It is slowly taking shape and should be completed in the next few months. The new website will offer:
- a more user friendly format and compatibility with other devices;
- on line forms with direct emailing from the website and a credit card payment option;
- upgraded picture and video properties as well as links to relevant websites and the SDKC facebook.

The Spaniel Section is scheduled to host the Canadian Open National this fall. Although there is a level of uncertainty, planning is still underway and contingencies are being ascertained.

I look forward to the Club resuming activities once it is feasible.
Warmest regards
Ron Larwood
President SDKC

 Welcome to our Website

Established in 1951, we are a multi-breed club of purebred dog enthusiasts hosting Conformation Shows, Obedience Trials, Agility Trials, Rally Trials, Tracking Trials, Spaniel Field Trials, Retriever Field Trials as well as classes and seminars. The objectives of our club can be found in our By-Laws.

Our members are people from every walk of life with one thing in common... DOGS.

They range from herding dogs, hunting dogs, obedient dogs, active dogs all the way to well behaved family companions. Obviously, we don't all train together but we do support each other's interests and successes. Our club members have worked hard to have produced multiple Best in Show Winners and Winners of National Spaniel Field Trial Championships.

Of our many activities, we are extremely proud of our No Bite Program where volunteers are invited to local schools and facilities in order to educate children and the public on the proper approach when meeting a strange dog and how to read the dog's body language.
Our seminars are held throughout the year and cover many dog related topics such as Handling, Sniffer Dogs and Herding. Our Spaniel Section members are always willing to demonstrate the finer points of a well trained hunting dog.

Check us out, surely there is something for your dog to enjoy!

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