Photos by Deena Fabris (2018)

Photos by Deena Fabris (2018)


Most of the training we do are with pointing breeds, but we encourage anyone who is interested to come out and join us.


The versatile dog (pointer) was developed to provide the on-foot hunter with a dependable hunting companion in the pursuit of a variety of game in a variety of environments.


To achieve this goal, the members of the Versatile Pointing section are often hard at work doing training. Depending on what you prefer, training can be for hunting purposes or for testing and trialing. Either way, the results are the same. Even if your schedule only permits occasional training, both you and your dog will surely benefit and enjoy the time spent together in the field.


Under the game farm license, we are permitted to train our dogs with live birds on a specific parcel of land owned by the Sudbury and District Kennel Club. Please contact the Versatile Pointing section chair for club activities and training dates. Training dates will depend on the club’s activities and members' schedules.


The dogs really enjoy these outings and thrive when seeking game. There are different components involved when training your versatile dog. These components might vary depending on what you would like to accomplish with your dog.


Puppies learn basic obedience, are guided to show interest in birds and are taught how to use their nose while searching for and pointing at game. The puppies are also slowly introduced to water interaction, encountering gun fire and learning some retrieving work.


Older dogs learn to search, point, stay steady on game, retrieve a shot bird, retrieve dragged game, search for ducks, walk at heel, remain in a duck blind, stay steady by the duck blind, and retrieve ducks.


Training sessions will vary depending on what the handlers would like to work on with their dogs. All dogs are different and learn in their own ways and paths. However, with the help of our more experienced handlers, we can collect experiences, knowledge and create a pleasant learning experience.


Anyone wanting to learn more is more than welcome to come join us but ensuring safety is our priority. Observation of proper gun safety and safe shutting is mandatory to ensure the dogs' and spectators' safety. Any person who is on the training field while training is in progress, must wear Hunter Orange garments.

Versatile Pointing Section

Presently, this section is inactive.  For this section to operate, a chair is required to represent the members at the Board level.
Seeking an enthusiastic individual who is not necessarily experienced in this discipline. Anyone interested in taking on this role to chair the Retriever Section should contact the Club President.


The Versatile Pointing Section would like to invite anyone who is interested in learning the sport of bird hunting, upland trialing/testing and shed hunting to come out and join us with your dogs! Regardless of the type of dog you have, you and your dog’s experience, you are all welcome to come out and see if any of these thrilling activities are something you and your dog enjoy doing.

Training Sessions For Hunting (Currently Inactive -- See Below)