Retriever Section

Presently, this section is inactive.  For this section to operate, a chair is required to represent the members at the Board level.
Seeking an enthusiastic individual who is not necessarily experienced in this discipline. Anyone interested in taking on this role to chair the Retriever Section should contact the Club President.


In past years this Section had a solid membership base and a highly successful program.  Traditionally the Retriever Section catered specifically to training pure bred retrieving dogs like the Labradors and Golden Retrievers for the purpose of developing their natural hunting instinct and abilities.  These retrieving dogs were developed to provide the hunter with a dependable hunting companion in the pursuit of a variety of game in a variety of environments.  With that purpose in mind, the section offered training opportunities for the sport of upland bird hunting, land and water retrieving, hunt tests and trialing.


Of the retrieving breeds the Labrador has gained the most popularity due to its easy biddable nature, its working abilities for game enthusiasts and continually shows its versatility in numerous new areas: guide dogs, tracking/bomb/rescue dogs, and beloved family companions.  Today the breed tops the registration numbers with the CKC and also has the distinction of being the world’s most popular breed.


To provide the most authentic training experience, the Sudbury & District Kennel Club has a game farm license that permits Club members to train their dogs with live birds year round on specific parcels of land owned and/or insured through the Club.


There is no charge for training with the Section with the exception of becoming a Club member.  The training sessions are typically a team effort with members assisting each other with training activities as well as sharing and promoting effective training techniques.


Since Labradors and Golden Retrievers are flushing dogs, the Spaniel Section invites interested retriever owners to join their sessions for upland bird hunting training.

Training Sessions For Retrieving (Currently Inactive -- See Below)